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The exercises suit everybody from active sportsmen to dancers and professional athletes. Jame-Balancer is suitable for everyone interested in improving their balance, improving strength, muscular health and good posture for your body. 

You can use Jame-balancer for:
improving your balance
activating and strengthening the muscles in your feet
exercising your deep abdominal and back muscles
(core muscles).

By using the balance improving Jame-Balancer you will stimulate the muscles in your feet. Step on the balancer with your toes facing the wider end and find a comfortable position prior to starting your exercises.

When you use the Balancer you continually have to find your balance, which requires you to use your stabilizing core muscles, the abdominal and back muscles deep within. Training the deep muscles in your middle torso improves posture.
The exercises with Jame-Balancer strengthen the muscles in your feet, which may be the reason for any step issues. The Balancer is also excellent in the rehabilitation of the ankle and foot

Available in two different designs - silver Jame 10 and Purple Jame 20.
Obtaining balance is easier with silver one as it has less height 2cm than the more challenging purple 2.5cm
Silver spinner Height: 2cm Height: 2cm Length: 27cm Length: 27cm Width: 8/10cm Width: 8/10cm Weight: 235g Weight: 235g
Purple spinner Purple spinner Height: 2,5cm Height: 2.5 cm Length: 27cm Length: 27cm Width: 8/10cm Width: 8/10cm Weight: 250g Weight: 250g
You can add the Jame-Soft
Jame-Soft is used on top of Jame-Balancer intensifies middle body control and muscle strength exercises.
It is particularly beneficial for strengthening the small muscles in the foot and ankle.

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