Edea Piano Ice Skating Boots White

260 C

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Edea Piano 260 white with original tongue brand new.

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After dragging the world of skating boot design into the 21st century with the revolutionary Ice Fly
 Edea have pushed the bounders even further with the introduction of the Piano
This will create a further turning point in skating and skating technology
Designed for the comfort and protection of the skater
Every time a skater lands a jump, there is an impact.
The force of the impact depends on the weight of the skater and how the jump is landed.
When a skater lands a jump, the force has been estimated to be between two and eight times the skater's actual body weight, which means a skater weighing 50kg lands a jump with a force of between 100-400kg.
This impact produces a shockwave that moves up through the legs and throughout the body.
These waves increase the forces across the ankle, knee, hip and even the vertebrae. There is a great deal of evidence to show that these impacts can cause muscular-skeletal degeneration.
Excessive forces have also been linked to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis of the Achilles, osteoarthritis and lower back pain. These impacts can also cause injuries through over training.
The piano is the latest step in technology, minimising the impacts and maximising your safety.
The revolutionary new design introduces a shock absorbing boot and sole to prevent injury from shock.
The Piano will...
Absorb ice chatter, making skating feel smoother. It gives you a firmer base to jump from, allowing you to jump higher and further.
Increase the amount of force absorbed by the boot on landing, reducing the strain on the knees and ankles.
Reduce the 'wobble' on landing, allowing the skater to execute quicker jumps and transitions; thus improving ice speed.

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