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Snow White® Inline Figure Frames are an excellent choice for both inline figure /artistic skater as well as off-ice training.
This frame is suitable for all levels of inline figure skating from beginner to higher lever skaters.
Snow White® inline figure skates feature a three-wheel rocker design that is the latest step in the evolution from roller skates to quiet and graceful movement on wheels. Snow White® is extremely lightweight and highly manoeuvrable.
 Inline figure skaters appreciate the way the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork
Snow White® sets a new standard for inline figure frames and is also the most widely used artistic inline frame in the roller skating Worlds Championships since 2006.
Ice figure skaters also find this frame perfect for off-season skating practice. The Snow White® has a remarkable similarity to the feel of a figure skating blade on ice. A skater can jump, spin, dance, and perform all the same footwork element and actually feel the inside and outside edges on this skate. The adjustable toe stop works like a toe pick. This frame can also use any adjustable metric threaded artistic skating toe stop, which gives you the freedom to control rebound and gives you purchase and style options when they need to be replaced.

Snow White Details
Snow White® are specially designed for enthusiastic skaters who participate in artistic inline skating.

Bi-level mid-rib to reduce impact torsion
Versatile mounting platform, compatible with most of today’s figure skating boots
The Snow White® frame comes in eleven different lengths
 The correct match between boot size and frame size will provide the most effective balance over the frame.

Please measure your sole of the boot length for proper sizing.


6061 extruded aluminium alloy, 3.0mm wall thickness
Fine-tuned CNC cut
Anodized mirror-reflex frame finish
Anti-torsion 'Mid-rib' design
Pre-rocker wheel configuration
Black anodized alloy toe stop block
Height adjustable toe stopper
ABEC-5 chrome steel bearings
89A high rebound/full radius SpeedMax® wheels
Chromed plated rink-safe wheel bolts
Precision aluminium spacer
Stainless double threads mounting kits
T-shaped hand tool

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